MISSION: Reed Limited Entertainment's mission is to diversify the television, film and entertainment industry. RLE is dedicated to representing premier talent, brands and stories across the globe. Our goal is become the #1 public relations company representing today's rising talent, brands and entrepreneurs.



How We Started 


Reed Limited Entertainment, 'RLE' was created by Danielle Shavonne Reed in December 2016, to be a platform for Reed's personal management clients. But with the creation of the platform, more and more talent sought management, assistance and a variety of other services. Reed decided to take on more personal clients and juggled so many that after one year, she saw the need for a better system.



Who We Represent  


Today RLE is a public relations consulting company. The goal is to represent celebrity talent, brands and entrepreneurs who are serious and dedicated to getting to the next level in their careers. Through consulting, RLE can work with talent and brands of any experience level to help re-rebrand social media, develop a public image, and give business opportunities to help reach and achieve goals. 


           Danielle Shavone Reed was born & raised in Atlanta, Georgia on December 29, 1993. Growing up an avid reader and writer, Reed loved using  words and literature to understand and explain the world around her. Her early passion for communication became a catalyst that propelled her to achieve success in  the areas of journalism and the Spanish language. Today Reed is a bilingual English-Spanish multimedia journalist and television producer.


After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish Language, Literature and Culture and African American Studies from Syracuse University in 2016, Reed interned the following summer in Washington, DC then moved back to Atlanta to make a name for herself in the booming media, film and television industry. 


Upon Reed's return to "Atlantawood," in 2016, she created and executive produced a new reality show about women entrepreneurs. The show is called Atlanta's Own. It's goal is to celebrate and feature a fresh and positive perspective of modern-day business women in Atlanta. Reed shot and directed her first documentary 'Black en Spain' in 2015, while she was a student studying abroad in Madrid. The purpose of the documentary was to analyze race relations in Spain, and tells the stories of 13 people of the African Diaspora living in modern day Spain. Look out for these projects and many more in the coming years.  


"I am driven by my passion to diversify the film and television industries to represent the stories, voices and shades of all people."

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